#FlannelFriday 5 Little Elephants (with pants)

I probably got the idea for this one from If Elephants Wore Pants tho’ I don’t often use the book in the storytime.

The idea here is that, instead of taking away, we’re putting pants on the elephants! CRAZY!

Five Little Elephants shopping for some pants,

One found a sale and did a little dance!

Four Little Elephants shopping for some trousers,

One got a steal at the store’s last hour.

Three Little Elephants browsing for some britches,

One picked a pair that needed some stitches.

Two Little Elephants jonesin for some jeans.

One got the pair that it saw in its dreams.

One Little Elephant searching for some shorts,

He got the last pair and went out to play some sports!

Objectively speaking the pacing is a little rough at times. I think I may have made this the day before the storytime it was used for…However I’m ok with that because the focus is getting to put pants on an elephant. CRA-oh I said that already.

The kids really enjoyed it and I was glad to do something a little different from the normal “Five Little Whatever” style. I came up with the idea shortly after I realized that most of the 5 Little flannel boards that Nicole had made in the past were just recycled rhymes with a different animal substituted.

Also: to make elephant pants just make another elephant and cut off his butt and feet. Not one to waste animal parts I put the leftover elephant bits in my sister’s desk. I’m sure she appreciated it.

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5 thoughts on “#FlannelFriday 5 Little Elephants (with pants)

  1. sharon says:

    I like those elephant pants. Also, I get so tired of the five little this and that…. this is a different model and very welcome. Thanks for the idea!

    • I’m totally with ya on that. 5 Little is good for its ease and simplicity but after a few years they’ve gotten stale for me. I’ll be posting some new ones in the next few weeks!

  2. Katie says:

    Amen! Sometimes I feel if I have to say one more 5 Little Whatsits, I’m going to revolt and run out of the library.

  3. […] out two copies, cut up the bear in bits and traced those for the clothes. Much like how I had the elephants wear pants. But for the lazier among you, below I’ve provided a PDF template AND the image I used for […]

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