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Storytime Craft: Doctor Bag

Nothing clever for an intro today, just enjoying ice cream and building up an archive of Flannel Fridays. SO LET’S GET TO IT.

Got yourself a boo boo? Well Doctor Seth will fix you up. You’ll have to get the medical kit together first, though.

Good old fashion coloring! For this craft you’ll need the medical supplies (seen above) and the doctor bag. Kids fold the bag, and they can either just keep the stuff in it (as I intended) or you can follow the lead of a smart mom in my storytime who didn’t want to chase around a bunch of paper and glue them down inside the bag. LINKS FOR PDFS BELLLLOOOOOOOOW.

Doctor Bag

Medical supplies

Now, I gotta say. I spent actual YEARS redesigning this. Years putting it off, one afternoon to fix it. The original was ugly and a pain in the butt to cut out. I hope this is much easier for you guys.

Need some books about injuries and whatnot? Check out my injury tag on Shelfari! I’ve got a few good ones (and one or two iffy ones) but I’d love suggestions if you have them!


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Storytime Craft: Alligator and/or Crocodile

Man! This craft! This is probably the first storytime craft I made in Adobe Illustrator. Put off uploading it for so long because it needed to go through a few updates to make it easier to cut out a few dozen at a time. The first one had pointy claws on each feet.

That was not fun to cut out.

PDF Link Be Here:

gator craft

Need a flannel story to go with it? Here’s one from a ways back.

Need some books? I got books. Check out my alligator tag on Shelfari. Notice it’s not alligators/crocodiles. Because kids don’t care about the difference.

Nobody cares.

As a final aside in my post-storytime life, I have to say that the alligator storytime was always one of my favorite. There are probably dozens and dozens of themes from my early years before I kept track that I long forgot, but this was always a go-to theme.


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Storytime Craft: Monster Door

Hey a door. I wonder what is behind this door?


Special Sort Of Complicated Double Sided PDF Printout Linked Here: Monster Door

So this one is a little tricky. It’s double sided. Works like a card, except only part of the front is opened. You CUT the dotted line. You GLUE on the Xs. But do a couple test prints before you print out a million of them, because you’ll need to figure out which method of double siding printing will work. I had tested it out extensively with Nicole, and I had a print with written instructions and…I don’t know where it is. So good luck

[EDIT]: Aha! I found it! I did indeed save a printed out copy with handwritten instructions. And this was so important to me, that I put it in my messenger bag when I moved here, and it’s been sitting on my bedroom shelf ever since. I just forgot. So! These print settings should work for you, hopefully.

*2 Sided

*Flip on SHORT edge


This craft might pair well with my 6 Creepy Closets. Almost like I planned it that way?!

Need monster books? I have a ton of those. Got a bunch of scary books too.

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Storytime Craft: Chicken Disaster

To continue with last post’s chicken theme , here is…CHICKEN DISASTER.

Wait, LAST week’s theme? Oh, did you mean that Sleepy Chickens flannel you posted a YEAR ago? That one? Yeah this has been sitting in the drafts folder for a awhile.

Part of the reason for this is I was suffering from a severe lack of motivation at my workplace. And I couldn’t figure out how to use the work scanner to get the city PDF posted. But then after a while, I decided to save it for something else. That something else is my 52 Flannels project. I’ve been trying to stock up. Starting today, I’m going to be posting one storytime related thing every Friday for the rest of the year.

The hope was I’d be DONE with them all before 2014 began, so I was frantically putting them together while job searching. I didn’t get all 52 done. Or. Uh. Half of that. But I have a lot of parts done on a lot of them, so that’s a head start! So, despite being retired from storytimes, here’s post 1 of 52. I feel it’s a strong start.


 That was what I called it in my original notes. And that was the only thing I knew it would be. It would have chickens…and it would be a disaster scenario. After weeks of careful planning, I gave up and just let the 7 year old in me come up with a craft.

Yup. That’s it. And the best part is you can really do this with any kind of animal. Or maybe just have the kids color the city without a monster! It’s multi-purpose like that.

Here is the city PDF: chicken disaster city

Such a peaceful little city....for now.

(Chickens were a die-cut so no pdf of those.)

Good books to use with this would be chickens, of course, but also consider perusing my Shelfari’s mess tag and behavior tag (generally “bad”).

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Crazy hair (inspired by Cowlick!)

Guys. Have you read Cowlick!, by Christin Ditchfield? I love it. I love it so much I made a craft just for it. The basic concept of Cowlick! (spoilers ahead!) is a cow sneaks into these kids rooms and licks them, thus giving them a cowlick. I’m not sure how many of the kids know what a cowlick is (the parents always laugh) but they dig the wacky resulting hair.

Baldy PDF

Need a book to go with the craft? Have I mentioned COWLICK!? Oh, I have? Then I guess you can also check out my cows and bedtime tags on Shelfari.