Storytime Craft: I Want My Hat Back

EDIT: Ok I’ve had some weird problems with printing. Using Chrome, if you try to just click and print the background, it overlays the clothes on top of it. It’s okay if you save. No idea why it’s doing this.


I’m just going to gloss over how amazing I Want My Hat Back is. It’s not hard to find a positive review for it because that is what all the reviews for it are. But if you aren’t convinced, listen to Daniel Pinkwater read it on NPR.

The craft is pretty self explanatory.

So what I did was print out two copies, cut up the bear in bits and traced those for the clothes. Much like how I had the elephants wear pants. But for the lazier among you, below I’ve provided a PDF template AND the image I used for easy printing. But if Jon Klassen comes after me for copyright infringement I’M TAKING YOU ALL DOWN WITH ME.

click here for background

click here for clothes

Important! There are five sets of pants and six t-shirts. That’s just how many I could fit on a page. So plan accordingly.

(If you’ll notice, I didn’t include the hat in the template. Because it’s a triangle. I’ll show you a fast way to cut triangles later but go ahead and give it a try! I believe in you.)

Oh also: need other books that fit with I Want My Hat Back’s theme? Check out my Food Chain tag on Shelfari.


3 thoughts on “Storytime Craft: I Want My Hat Back

  1. Cute idea! Thanks for including the link to Daniel Pinkwater reading the book. :)

  2. […] Inside My Head (another great title) has a self-described simple craft for the highly acclaimed I Want My Hat Back.   I’m Sharon and this is my blog and this is Monkey Face (perhaps my […]

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