More Things I Am Doing


Remind me to tell you the time when I was feeling really good about life and almost killed myself hiking.

Ha ha well one year later, I guess. Almost anyway. Some things are better now, some things are worse and overall there has clearly been a shift in priorities.

I’ve considered going back and cleaning up, removing most of the personal posts and creating a more professional atmosphere. But on the other hand what would I be posting professionally?


I’ve been trying to wake up earlier, to the tune of 5 AM. It’s not fun.


Still NOT a fan of the winter. It has been a more mild winter and I can appreciate that. I don’t appreciate that people said LAST year was a mild winter as well though, which puts me into a fearful mind of what a real winter is supposed to be like.


Obviously I didn’t move HERE, in this empty valley. That’ll probably be the next place I move, with my tent.


I managed to escape the basement, but not after a few months of extreme duress and problem after problem. Usually involving some sort of flood, either from the upstairs bathroom into my kitchen, or that tiny leak that flooded my bedroom and murdered my record collection. I don’t know which is worse.

Living in a great place now that’s close to a good walking area. Clean, quiet, plentiful parking. The only downside is I didn’t get to move out of state.


Photo from a recently developed tradition called “Donuts and Destiny”. Which is both the highlight of the month and very telling of how sad my life is.


I have played an obscene amount of Borderlands 2 online with friends and got another to start playing Destiny with me. It’s a good form of escapism but I could really stand to balance it out better. While I’ve given up on developing strong LOCAL social bonds my time could be better spent reading, working on some damn writing, or not degrading into a worthless, unhealthy slob.


Is this fall? This is as fall as it got. Little disappointed given all the great things I heard about fall growing up in the low desert.


Just had my employee review and they seem to find my performance exceptional. Yay. Some of the early projects that had exciting potential have been pushed aside for more important work, and the interesting collections I started with have given way to, uh, less interesting collections. Sometimes aggravating collections. They don’t know what will happen with our jobs come December as it will be up to someone whom hasn’t even been hired yet. The college has a great working environment, mostly, but I’m not hip to the idea of cataloging for an extended period of my life as it would drive me insane. Absolutely insane.


Penguins won’t jump in the water until someone else has in case there is lurking danger. I am a penguin.


Escaping the basement was good because I’m not being emotionally oppressed every waking and sleeping moment, bad because it freed up some mental capacity to feel discontent about OTHER stuff.

I have a pretty good idea of what I want out of life tho’ I’m unsure how to get there. I certainly don’t want what I have and that’s a good place to start I suppose.

P.S. I will say that the past year I’ve found a good pizza place, a good burger place, a good donut place, and yesterday finally found a good place for cheap Mexican food so I am indeed surviving.


One thought on “More Things I Am Doing

  1. Amber says:

    Love you Sethers! Glad you’re surviving but I pray better things for your life. Like coming to visit me ;). Seriously, I miss you way too much!

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