#FlannelFriday 5 Little Dinosaurs

The library has a different version of this but SOMEONE (me) had temporarily lost it so I had to make a new version.  It has possible CARNIVOROUS MURDER. Enjoy!

    Five Little Dinosaurs Practicing their roar
        One got too scared and then there were four
    Four little dinosaurs heading out to sea
        One went down with the ship and then there were three
    Three little dinosaurs cooking up a stew
        One became the main course and then there were two
    Two little dinosaurs tanning in the sun
        One got burned and then there was one.
    One little dinosaur tired from all the fun   
        He went home to take a nap and then there were none.

For fun I think I might illustrate this as a short picture book. Yes. This is a thing I will do.

And since I didn’t take a picture of the flannel pieces (seriously it’s just die cuts. Nothing interesting) Here’s Nicole about to be devoured by a ghost T-Rex.

Also: Why did WordPress decide to keep the indented format when I copy/pasted but not when I was writing at home? Is it because…I’m at work, using Internet Explorer? Is IE GOOD FOR SOMETHING?

I sure hope not.

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