Creative Bankruptcy

It is with regret that must announce its complete creative bankruptcy, effective immediately. All future and currently in production projects have been canceled. Craft supplies have been donated or disposed of. We are working with our lawyers to determine if any remaining #flannelfriday storytime posts that have been unpublished can be uploaded at some point.

We would like to sincerely thank you for the years of support we’ve received, and your patience as we kept saying we would do things that never saw light of day. It took a lot of deliberation to reach this decision, but because changes in the economy, poor time management, the video game Destiny, and a complete failure to impress any women, it was deemed necessary to cease creative operations. We will take this time to assess what the future of and Seth will be, and are excited to really focus on our writing and thumb piano.

We’d also like to end this with a heartfelt message from our president. But shortly before the announcement he left on an unplanned vacation. If you see him, the police would like to ask him a few questions.



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