Flannel Friday: 10 Sleepy Chickens

A longer, more complicated flannel story today!












Early one morning at the edge of the farm
The rooster woke up with a big loud yawn
He got straight to business because he knew what to do
He hopped on a fence and shouted COCKADOODLE DOO!

Out from the henhouse came one sleepy chicken!

But the rooster knew his work wasn’t done.
It was time to have some real fun.

The rooster thought he’d try something new,

and instead of crowing he began to moo!

Out from the henhouse came two sleepy chickens!

By now the farmer was starting to scowl,
As the silly little rooster started to howl!

Out from the henhouse came three sleepy chickens!

The rooster gathered his courage to scare off the dark,
And decided to sound like a big mean shark!

But…sharks don’t make noises.

The rooster gathered his courage to scare off the dark,
And let loose a great loud bark!

Out from the henhouse came four sleepy chickens!

From the henhouse the rooster could still hear a snore,
So with all his might he gave one last roar!

Out from the henhouse came….a hippopotamus?!

The rooster’s work was done for the day
because he woke up his friends so they could play.


Have kids imitate noises along with the rooster. I also like having the kids count the ten chickens before revealing the hippo. Fun fact: I wanted 5 hen houses from the start to mimic the standard “5 Little” format, but stopping at ten chickens seemed too appropriate. And that’s why we have the surprise hippo!

One thing you could add that I didn’t have time to make: the rooster! In my original grand vision, there was a flannel rooster off to the side, and every time he imitated a different animal noise he’d dress up like the animal.

For books, check out my Shelfari’s farm tag or my chicken tag.

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5 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: 10 Sleepy Chickens

  1. missmaryliberry says:

    You can NEVER go wrong with a surprise hippo.

  2. […] offers this existential flannel board about a rooster to break the monotony of farm life: 10 Sleepy Chickens! Love […]

  3. Miss Sarah says:

    I love the surprise hippo! Very cute story, it would fit right in with the confused rooster theme I have been wanting to do. Those roosters always seem to confuse their cock-a-doodle-doo….

    • On my Shelfari I actually have a tag for that kind of book under “animal noises”. Most of the trouble makers seem to be roosters! Cows are second.

  4. […] continue with last post’s chicken theme , here is…CHICKEN DISASTER. That was what I called it in my original notes. And that was the […]

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