Flannel Friday: 5 Little Fezzes

This possibly bizarre flannel story was entirely inspired by the video game Fez. I don’t have much time for video games these days, but felt compelled to buy Fez, and for weeks after I had Fezzes on the brain! And it’s obviously fun to say.

Fez Fez Fez Fez Fez.


Okay I’m done.

Put up the Fezzes first, and let the kids sit in anticipation, wondering who is going to be wearing the giant one. Or better yet, ask them!

Five little fezzes sitting in a store.
A duck bought one and that left four.
Four little fezzes waiting expectantly.
A bear bought one and that left three.
Three little fezzes hoping someone buys them soon.
A mouse bought one and that left two.
Two little fezzes looking brand new.
A dragon bought one and that left one.
One little Fez wishing he had a home.
But then the store closed and he was left all alone.

Yup there’s still one Fez left on the board. I’m crazy like that.

Note on making the fezzes: I hole punched and tied off for the bigger ones, but for the smaller ones hot glue was good enough.

Here’s some clothing themed book on my Shelfari’s clothing tag.

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One thought on “Flannel Friday: 5 Little Fezzes

  1. Eliza says:

    This is awesome

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