#FlannelFriday Five Little Band-Aids

5 Little Band-Aids sittin’ in a box.
one patched up a sore so then there were four
4 little Band-Aids sittin’ in a box.
one helped a scraped knee so then there were three
3 little Band-Aids sittin’ a box.
one mended a tear in a shoe so then there were two
2 little Band-Aids sittin’ in a box.
one helped a paper cut on a thumb so then there was one
1 little Band-Aids sittin’ in a box.
one covered a neck that got burned in the sun

Gotta get a new box because now there are none.

There is an IMPORTANT THING I have to mention: to get this to work right you have to take it sloooooow. This may not even be a noticeable issue for some, but I write my 5-Little rhymes so that one could burn through the entire thing in a minute. But in practice I found this rhyme to be much too clunky. If you can think of a better re-write, let me know! . But it can still work as it is. Avoid tripping up on the longer lines by taking a more sedate pace.

For books I used in my storytime check out my Injury tag on Shelfari. (although it seems like I should have more books there…)

Fun fact! Shelfari lets you stack tags. My system is if it’s a picture book, I add “picture book”. If I have or will use it for storytime, I add “storytime”. Then goes any theme tags. So if you want to find all my storytime books for injury, click on “storytime” and “injury” tags. I have “picture books” separate from “storytime” because sometimes it’s a matter of preference or what age you’re reading to, so I don’t want to leave anyone out!

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4 thoughts on “#FlannelFriday Five Little Band-Aids

  1. […] you cut yourself while making finger puppets, Seth can help you out with some band-aids. Can I just say it? YEAH! We have a guy in the […]

  2. jane says:

    thanks for posting Seth! I did a bandaid story with my puppet Piper…no rhyme, just a story. But I saw the bandaids on Pinterest…without even knowing that they came from Flannel Friday! And here we are again…bandaids on FF.

  3. Just found this post. Love the band-aides. Have you read Doodle Bites: A Tilly and Friends Book by Polly Dunbar? There’s a lot of bandaging going on it it! It’s a lot of fun!

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