Flannel Friday: Five Little Hippos


Nothing overly exciting today, just the adventures of some tiny hippos. Works best if you imagine them being reeeeealy tiny.

5  little hippos feeling kind of poor.
One got a job and that left four

4 little hippos sipping on some tea.
One fell in the pot and that left three.

3 little hippos chewing on a shoe.
One got tangled in the laces and that left two

2 little hippos munching on a bun.
One munched too far and bit the other one

1 little hippo learning how to hum
He hummed himself to sleep and that left none

Need some hippo books? I…um…don’t actually have that many to choose from. But how about you? Let me know if you have a good hippo book you read in storytime and I’ll check it out!

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