#FlannelFriday craft: Animal Noises

Here’s a craft that’s as easy to explain as showing it. Yup. Here it is. Construction paper, die-cut animals and printed out and cut word balloons with animal sounds. That’s it.

So obviously there is something wrong with this picture. For a year before making this craft I was on a quest to find any and all books with an animal making the wrong noise. There are quite a lot, surprisingly. A bunch of them are clones of each other, but a few stand out, most notably Bark, George. But Jules Feiffer is THE MAN so that should come as no surprise.

For other ones that I’ve collected (but not all. I never added them and forgot what they are) check out my Animal Sounds tag on Shelfari. Yeah that probably will confuse people looking for animal sounds in general, but it was better than making a tag called “Animals that make the sounds which they would not make under normal circumstances”.


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