#FlannelFriday Craft The Pigeon Found A…

Pigeon coloring sheet

That link is the craft! Yup. Right there. Don’t even have to dig through words and stuff. Original credit goes to Nicole.

Oh…you wanted more? Okay. Then why don’t I show you EVERY SINGLE (or nearly) EXAMPLE I EVER MADE.

…wait. Hold on a minute.

Nope! Never mind. All the examples I made (and I’ve made a new one every ST I use it) are in a big box in my closet. And that’s a lot of work for me sooooooo here ya go. The only one I have on hand, I guess. I’ll have to dig up the others another time.


2 thoughts on “#FlannelFriday Craft The Pigeon Found A…

  1. […] Voices Inside My Headphones” brings us a Pigeon Craft featuring our favorite Pigeon from the books by Mo Willems.  Included is a link to the Pigeon […]

  2. Love the sentence at the bottom of the page ~ for the child to complete. I used the idea a lot when I taught preschool. We called them our ” language experience” stories and we made them into books. Then they were placed in our “classroom library” for the children to look at and “read” to our visitors. Great way to help the preschoolers make the connection between spoken and written words.

    Great addition to your storytime craft! Thanks for sharing it this week. I love using a craft to extend my storytimes. Looks like you do to. :-)

    Hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend!

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