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Storytime Craft: Doctor Bag

Nothing clever for an intro today, just enjoying ice cream and building up an archive of Flannel Fridays. SO LET’S GET TO IT.

Got yourself a boo boo? Well Doctor Seth will fix you up. You’ll have to get the medical kit together first, though.

Good old fashion coloring! For this craft you’ll need the medical supplies (seen above) and the doctor bag. Kids fold the bag, and they can either just keep the stuff in it (as I intended) or you can follow the lead of a smart mom in my storytime who didn’t want to chase around a bunch of paper and glue them down inside the bag. LINKS FOR PDFS BELLLLOOOOOOOOW.

Doctor Bag

Medical supplies

Now, I gotta say. I spent actual YEARS redesigning this. Years putting it off, one afternoon to fix it. The original was ugly and a pain in the butt to cut out. I hope this is much easier for you guys.

Need some books about injuries and whatnot? Check out my injury tag on Shelfari! I’ve got a few good ones (and one or two iffy ones) but I’d love suggestions if you have them!


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Storytime Craft: Monster Door

Hey a door. I wonder what is behind this door?


Special Sort Of Complicated Double Sided PDF Printout Linked Here: Monster Door

So this one is a little tricky. It’s double sided. Works like a card, except only part of the front is opened. You CUT the dotted line. You GLUE on the Xs. But do a couple test prints before you print out a million of them, because you’ll need to figure out which method of double siding printing will work. I had tested it out extensively with Nicole, and I had a print with written instructions and…I don’t know where it is. So good luck

[EDIT]: Aha! I found it! I did indeed save a printed out copy with handwritten instructions. And this was so important to me, that I put it in my messenger bag when I moved here, and it’s been sitting on my bedroom shelf ever since. I just forgot. So! These print settings should work for you, hopefully.

*2 Sided

*Flip on SHORT edge


This craft might pair well with my 6 Creepy Closets. Almost like I planned it that way?!

Need monster books? I have a ton of those. Got a bunch of scary books too.

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#FlannelFriday Storytime Craft: Ugly Fish

Wait! This isn’t a flannel board! Some of the Twitter library ladies last night and I were discussing how to promote non-flannel related stuff among the Flannel Friday crowd. Current plan: just…post other stuff! Some folk have been doing so already, but I guess this makes it unofficially official. Later on there might be new categories promoted separately. We’ll see! Planning is tricky when the committee is Every Children’s Librarian On The Internet.


I meant to post this the week after my Ugly Fish flannel board, but I forgot to…uh…write the entire post. So here it is!

Ta da! I got the idea from this fish craft. I loved the idea of having clothespins be a mouth, but then spent the next few years having no clue on how to make this easy to do for a storytime. So I did something else entirely.

It’s pretty simple. Here’s what both parts look like.

The straw is cut so it fits  a little bit farther than the tail and still has a good hand hold.  Too short and it might not support the big fish. Too long and you can’t reach the pipe cleaner! Little fish goes on pipe cleaner, pipe cleaner goes through straw, pull on pipe cleaner to have big fish eat little fish.

Usually I try to make my storytimes insanely simple/fast to make. This usually means I won’t put in a lot of extra time on preproduction work the kids could be doing themselves. In a rare exception, I went through and taped the straws on the fishes myself.

Make sure the straw is back far enough for the little fish to be completely hidden.

The original idea was to put the straw through a couple punched holes (just like the little fish), but I couldn’t get it to work. I would recommend using card stock for the fish so they aren’t flopping around everywhere.

I also ran into a problem where the little fish kept getting caught on the big fish’s mouth. My solution was to make this little bend in the pipe cleaner so the little fish sits farther back from the big fish.

So here’s the craft then. Now obviously this one looks different than mine. I made the example shown freehand, and then just used a copy machine. This one I made in Illustrator when I had more time. But I haven’t tested it! If you do and find out it sucks, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Ugly Fish craft

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