#moviepants for march announcement


Okay okay okay. I suppose, it being March 6th, I should finalize this month’s #moviepants since Movie Pants Commissioner Elizabeth is taking off this month. I’m going to be doing something a little different. You’re my friends, you know me. You know that I love creating chaos, and that I am really bad at planning social events. I thought I could combine the two. Meaning there won’t be a survey, instead we’ll do this.

WEEK ONE Darcy(@bibliobotic)

Time: Saturday, March 8th, 6 PM Pacific/ 7 PM Mountain/ 9 PM Eastern

Movie: Spaceballs

WEEK TWO Tori (@torceratops)

Time: Saturday March 15th, 6 PM Pacific / 7 PM Mountain/ 9 PM Eastern

Movie: East is East

WEEK THREE Brenden (@brendanl79)

Time: Friday, March 21st, 7 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Mountain /10 PM Eastern

Movie: Miami Connection. [A Martial arts rock band? What?]

WEEK FOUR Heather @Lopielovesbooks)

Time: Sunday March 30th, 5:30 PM Pacific/ 6:30 Mountain/ 8:30 PM Eastern

Movie: Can’t Hardly Wait

WHaaaaat? What are you doing Seth? Why are you listing people? BECAUSE THEY WILL PICK THE MOVIE AND TIME FOR THAT WEEK. But there are two catches:

The first, it has to be a movie on Netflix. We’re going to try to accommodate for as many people possible this month. Now this doesn’t mean YOU have to have Netflix. But if you are watching on disc or via another service, that movie ALSO has to be available on Netflix.

Secondly, and this is the real trick, if a time is chosen and a poorly verified majority of #moviepants folk will be able to attend, the movie is automatically going to be Ghostbusters.

That’s right, the REAL movie for the month is Ghostbusters. Four people pick a time for their week, one time slot gets to be Ghostbusters. The other three become alternate #moviepants experiences. Historically this means that it’s very likely those other three #moviepants nights just won’t happen at all if not enough people are watching. They’ll just stall before anyone even hits the pause screen. But who knows? The #moviepants anniversary is coming up and I’m using this as an experiment…

As for why I chose whom I chose it’s not favoritism, they’re just a selection of consistent #moviepants viewers (And Darcy, who is exempt from scorn for slacking off this year because she is a founder).

Right then, let the discussion continue on Twitter.


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