Storytime Craft: Alligator and/or Crocodile

Man! This craft! This is probably the first storytime craft I made in Adobe Illustrator. Put off uploading it for so long because it needed to go through a few updates to make it easier to cut out a few dozen at a time. The first one had pointy claws on each feet.

That was not fun to cut out.

PDF Link Be Here:

gator craft

Need a flannel story to go with it? Here’s one from a ways back.

Need some books? I got books. Check out my alligator tag on Shelfari. Notice it’s not alligators/crocodiles. Because kids don’t care about the difference.

Nobody cares.

As a final aside in my post-storytime life, I have to say that the alligator storytime was always one of my favorite. There are probably dozens and dozens of themes from my early years before I kept track that I long forgot, but this was always a go-to theme.


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One thought on “Storytime Craft: Alligator and/or Crocodile

  1. Miss Julie says:

    Alligator storytime is the best storytime ever.

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