Storytime Craft: Monster Door

Hey a door. I wonder what is behind this door?


Special Sort Of Complicated Double Sided PDF Printout Linked Here: Monster Door

So this one is a little tricky. It’s double sided. Works like a card, except only part of the front is opened. You CUT the dotted line. You GLUE on the Xs. But do a couple test prints before you print out a million of them, because you’ll need to figure out which method of double siding printing will work. I had tested it out extensively with Nicole, and I had a print with written instructions and…I don’t know where it is. So good luck

[EDIT]: Aha! I found it! I did indeed save a printed out copy with handwritten instructions. And this was so important to me, that I put it in my messenger bag when I moved here, and it’s been sitting on my bedroom shelf ever since. I just forgot. So! These print settings should work for you, hopefully.

*2 Sided

*Flip on SHORT edge


This craft might pair well with my 6 Creepy Closets. Almost like I planned it that way?!

Need monster books? I have a ton of those. Got a bunch of scary books too.

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One thought on “Storytime Craft: Monster Door

  1. […] activity would work great with my Monster Closet craft. Almost like I meant for that ha ha! It’s funny because I used the same joke on the Monster […]

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