5 Flower Pots

There might be a video to post with this later? A video was taken at some point in time. And may or may not have been saved somewhere. Maybe.

Perhaps this would be better for spring weather? Maybe it’s wishful thinking now that I live in a winter wonder wasteland.

The rhyme is pretty basic but putting it into practice is a little more complex. For myself, I got flower pots, drew some flowers, attached said flowers to green pipe cleaners, added some grass around the rim of the pots and BAM! A flower that I could push up and make “grow”.

I’m sure there’s easier/better methods but I wanted to try something new. You could get the same effect with popsicle sticks and paper, or even just double sided flannel pieces that you flip.

Five Flower Pots In The Winter Brand New.

The First Flower Grew And It Was…Blue!

 Four Flower Pots Warming In The Spring

The Second Flower Grew And It Was…Green!

 Three Flower Pots In The Summer Feeling Mellow

The Third Flower Grew And It Was…Yellow!

 Two Flower Pots Waiting As The Fall Leaves Fled

The Fourth Flower Grew And it Was…Red!

 One Flower Pot Left, Do You Think We Can Share It?

Out From The Soil Pops One Big….RABBIT?!


GET IT? BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE “CARROT”. Well maybe that didn’t come across in the script but I made sure to have a bit of the carrot showing above the pot. Those kids thought they were so clever guessing ahead. STUPID KIDS HAHA.

Want some wabbit, er I mean rabbit books for your storytime? Check out my rabbit books on Shelfari. Or maybe you’ll use this with a color themed storytime?

Pro tip! You can further narrow down the search by going down to the tag cloud below the books and find the “storytime” tag. Click on that while rabbits are selected to see all the storytimes I’ve done with rabbits!

UPDATE: Rabbit PDF. Click link below.

rabbit carrot

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2 thoughts on “5 Flower Pots

  1. Love this post and the rhyme is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh today :)

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