Storytime Craft: Chicken Disaster

To continue with last post’s chicken theme , here is…CHICKEN DISASTER.

Wait, LAST week’s theme? Oh, did you mean that Sleepy Chickens flannel you posted a YEAR ago? That one? Yeah this has been sitting in the drafts folder for a awhile.

Part of the reason for this is I was suffering from a severe lack of motivation at my workplace. And I couldn’t figure out how to use the work scanner to get the city PDF posted. But then after a while, I decided to save it for something else. That something else is my 52 Flannels project. I’ve been trying to stock up. Starting today, I’m going to be posting one storytime related thing every Friday for the rest of the year.

The hope was I’d be DONE with them all before 2014 began, so I was frantically putting them together while job searching. I didn’t get all 52 done. Or. Uh. Half of that. But I have a lot of parts done on a lot of them, so that’s a head start! So, despite being retired from storytimes, here’s post 1 of 52. I feel it’s a strong start.


 That was what I called it in my original notes. And that was the only thing I knew it would be. It would have chickens…and it would be a disaster scenario. After weeks of careful planning, I gave up and just let the 7 year old in me come up with a craft.

Yup. That’s it. And the best part is you can really do this with any kind of animal. Or maybe just have the kids color the city without a monster! It’s multi-purpose like that.

Here is the city PDF: chicken disaster city

Such a peaceful little city....for now.

(Chickens were a die-cut so no pdf of those.)

Good books to use with this would be chickens, of course, but also consider perusing my Shelfari’s mess tag and behavior tag (generally “bad”).

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2 thoughts on “Storytime Craft: Chicken Disaster

  1. Love the Godzilla-like chickens terrorizing the city!! I like the combination of programmed sheet with diecuts and let the mayhem begin!! This reflects my philosophy of preschool crafts in the library…quick prep, some creativity for the kiddos and a ‘product’ to take home to remember the theme. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Yup, I shared the same craft philosophy. Too much prep is time that could have been spent planning, too much work for the kids and you might as well do it for them, and give them something that the parents won’t want to throw away as soon as they get home.

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