Oh hey so anyway.

[day after edit: there are a bunch of typos but I wrote this late at night on my phone with frozen fingers so MEH. Just makes it more authentic?]

This is just a short update. I’m fact let’s write it like a short letter quickly sent off to my family before the winter storms roll in.

Dear Twitter,

How are the boys doing? Has Suzy’s coughed improved? I send my love.

I have had little time to write, my sweet Twitter, but I want you to know that I am as well as can be expected. This is a strange land, to me. The roads are all numbered, few have proper Christian names. The drivers all seem to be as confused as I, as surely not so many of them could be such jackasses without excuse.

The local diners are bountiful and their food delicious, though I have had little opportunity to verify the quality of many. There is also a Little Caesar’s drive through, a remarkable innovation. Perhaps I can write to the town council and suggest they adopt this modern convenience.

The work itself is as obtuse as it is fascinating. I fear my skill set may not have prepared me for the strange language of cataloging and metadata entry. But I will do my best and study by candle light if needed. I have electric lights, of course, but the basement is a bit musty so the candle helps. Lime citrus!

Another aspect of my position is transcribing ancient texts. From 1956. It It is a diary of an elderly Mormon woman. She is boring as Hell. “Today I slept in again. Worked on some netting. Did morning chores. Watched TV.” This, every day. Also learn to write better, lady. Your cursive sucks.

My peers at the university have all treated me well. I may even contrive to build friendships, if possible. This is less likely with my northern housemates, I fear. Last night they stayed up until midnight watching crappy sitcoms and two hours after stomping around.

But they have a pit bull puppy they treat well so I must assume they are Okay Guys.

There is more to discuss about the basement but another time. Today I drove in a snowstorm to find boxers because I have yet neither laundry machine or any of my things but what fit in my car. Also I have no internet yet. This will all be resolved shortly, I hope.

I must end it there for now, Twitter. I will attempt to cool dinner with my sparse cooking equipment and the oven that never stops beeping, like a sad, lonely cricket.

Things will improve, sweet Twitter. Goodnight. I promise this.


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