2013: February

Not too much to report for Febuary. Febrary. February? HA. English is so stupid. Anyway a lot got done but I mostly just kept my nose to the grindstone.

  • got rid of pool table: nobody would buy it so I donated and stored it in Libris#2.
  • started writing: Worked more on my main writing project and picked up a couple more.
  • wanted to start doing art again but nooo: Had the urge to make art but I need to focus.
  • began budget groove: keeping track, saving, paying off debt. Awwww yeaaah.
  • started riding my spin bike again
  • finished old projects: I’ve had some old art projects that I put off too long and finished.
  • surprise selling of the pool table: my boss and her husband had some wine and decided to buy it.
  • computer is dying: maybe not DYING. But my awesome overpowered custom built (by someone that knows computers) laptop has always had issues. Now it has extra issues. I could probably fix it but I have no backup now. I REALLY want to buy a Surface Pro but won’t be able to afford it until July. I’ve looked at some short term solutions and they suck. This just makes me sad is all. STAY ALIVE, LAPPY.

Games Played
Hotline Miami: Some folks on Twitter were talking about this one. I checked it out, and despite all the reviews praising it as a surrealistic, violent masterpiece, it didn’t seem all THAT fun. But curiosity got the better of me and boy were the reviewers right. This game is accurately described as the video game version of Drive. Stayed up late two nights to beat it, and even then there is more to do. But I have to take a break because it was doing unkind things to my brain. The awesome soundtrack was getting stuck in my head and keeping me from sleeping, and I was looking at buildings as big murder puzzles. So I guess for me it was the video game version of Drive: Twin Peaks edition.

Woah someone should do that mashup.

Movies Saw
The Hobbit: It was good! It had a lot of problems. Story problems. I’m not generally one to roll my eye at novel adaptations. “The book was better!” is just something obnoxious that people will say to prove how THEY are better than the average movie goer. Stories are stories. I don’t recall there being an elitist uproar when storytellers began to put their tales down on paper. Anyway.

The Hobbit is just particularly hard for me because it’s a very important book in my life. In the third grade or so my school librarian gave me a copy and signed it. I still have it. The book and the librarian are an important influence in my love of stories. I’m not so concerned that The Hobbit isn’t entirely faithful to the book, but I wish they didn’t change a few things that would have made the movie BETTER. Also I’m a little more forgiving that it’s going to be three movies instead of one, but there sure was a lot of filler. Those teary eyed speeches got a little much. And some of the cameos of stars from Lord of the Rings felt contrived, like a tv holiday special. I expected canned audience applause when some of them showed up. But I don’t want to rag on it too much. Overall I was very much relieved that it had a more light-hearted tone than LotR, and overall retained the spirit of adventure of the book. I did have to groan a bit with their decision to make their quest an altruistic attempt to kill a dragon and save their home. Noooo. A dozen or so dwarves can’t do that. There only plan was to STEAL SOME GOLD AND RUN AWAY. Which made it awesome. It was a murderous road trip in the book, not a journey of fate and destiny. My favorite part? The goblins. THE GOBLINS. I will forgive the movie anything else because of how well it did the goblin scenes. One of my favorite parts in the book, and I expected them to make it a much more dreary affair if not cut it out entirely. What I did not like? All the CG. I don’t remember LotR being that obvious with the digital effects. In a decade it will likely look like a very poor movie because of it.

Music Listened

Uh. Actually nothing of much note. Earlier in the month I did buy a Neil Young album. Apparently it is good for writing. And then later in the month I randomly picked up Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos which is a really interesting band. And did I mention the Hotline Miami soundtrack?

Next month will be much more interesting!


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