Play With Your Peas (craft)

The idea of a pea themed storytime was no doubt derived from madness. I was surprised to find as many good books featuring peas as I did. But a craft? What the heck could I do? And then I quickly came to the logical conclusion of green pom poms+googly eyes+spoons=fun.

Add a plastic spoon and you are done. I had broken one of my craft rules (seems to be a trend lately) and hot glued on all the eyes myself, instead of having the kids use glue sticks (which works). The reason being is I didn’t want the poor peas to lose their eyes while being flung from the spoon. And where are they being catapulted to? Targets!

I’ve given you three options. One, seen above, with food and scoring numbers. A second with food and no numbers. And finally an empty plate where they can draw the food themselves, and has scoring numbers on its rim. Whichever you pick this will be the part of the craft they work on.

Empty plate PDF

Food with numbers PDF

Food without numbers PDF

Need books to go with the craft? Check out my food and peas tags on shelfari! And if you missed it, I recently made a Princess and the Pea related flannel story too.

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6 thoughts on “Play With Your Peas (craft)

  1. Sarah says:

    Love this idea! I always like crafts that are a game. Makes it seem a little more worth it if they can go home and play instead of clutter up the fridge.

    • Thanks! And that’s exactly my goal with most of my crafts. I either want to make them stupid easy to make, or something that will last so the kids can keep enjoying it.

  2. Love this craft! Thanks for sharing. I’ve done a peas program before and the kids loved it!…so did the grownups!

  3. Jane Breen says:

    Gotta get me some peas! Time for peas! Peas please. Simply brilliant!

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