Five Scruffy Beards

I STILL haven’t scanned the files I need to post the pea themed craft. Please. Forgive me. Until I do, might I tempt you with a flannel story about beards?

Five scruffy beards looking real tough.
One ran home because the others were too rough.

Four bushy beards hanging real low.
One was too short so the beard had to go.

Three regal beards thinking that they rule.
One got dethroned and sent back to school.

Two dangerous beards are proving their might
One cried uncle and gave up the fight

One cool beard showing off its style.
It got shaved off to make way for a smile.

Edit: OH YEAH I forgot to give a link with possible related books! Now, I don’t exactly have many books SPECIFICALLY with beards, but maybe it would go with some of the more villainous stories I have in my Big Bad Wolf and Behavior tags. Hmm. That Big Bad Wolf one should have way more than that, I’ll do some digging. More specifically I’d suggest reading the Backbeard books because they are hilarious.


I'm pretty sure the purple thing is a bird.

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8 thoughts on “Five Scruffy Beards

  1. Shawn Wolf says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to use it. Perfect for a Buried Treasure pirate program this summer.

  2. Are you planning a sequel (moustaches for movember)?

  3. How about Mr Follycule’s Wonderful Beard for your reading list?

  4. When you make your mustache flannels you could use Moostache by Margie Palatini LOL!

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