Five Comfy Mattresses (Princess and the Pea)

Heeeey! I had planned on posting this one NEXT week. But some stuff I need scanned for this week’s previously planned pea themed craft has not been scanned, and you can’t really print out PDFs using your imagination, right?

Edit: Here is the pea themed craft! Or at least there WILL be the pea themed craft after 2/22/13.



5 Comfy Mattresses Under a Sleeping Princess
But the top one was too pinchy and she found a…crab!

4 Comfy Mattresses Under a Sleeping Princess
But the top one was too squishy and she found a….banana!

3 Comfy Mattresses Under a Sleeping Princess
But the top one was too hot and she found a….sun!

2 Comfy Mattresses Under a Sleeping Princess
But the top one was too buzzy and she found a…bee!

1 Comfy Mattress Under a Sleeping Princess
But it was TOO lumpy and she found a…pea!

So she ate the pea and fell asleep.

I actually got a lot of help from Nicole on this one. She helped me figure out what should be in the bed AND did the Puffy Paint detailing, because as far as I’m concerned Puffy Paint is THE DEVIL. Also yes I KNOW that it DOESN’T RHYME this caused me no end of angst. If I figure out how to rhyme it later I’ll update.

So how great is kid logic? I’ve done this twice so far, and both times when I ask them “What do you think would make her too hot?” a kid would immediately shout “THE SUN!”. At which point I said “Haha what? You’re crazy why would a sun be under the- OH MAN YOU WERE RIGHT!”

Need appropriately themed books? Check out my food, peas,  and princess tags on Shelfari! And if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them!


You know. I could have SWORN I saw this “princess” before. I have suspicions she may actually be a fugitive.

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11 thoughts on “Five Comfy Mattresses (Princess and the Pea)

  1. Oh man this is cute and looks like so much fun! Why WOULD the sun be under there? Thanks also for the shelfari links, I think I’ll try using it.

    • Thanks! And yeah, Shelfari is nice to have. Most people I know use GoodReads, but I stuck with Shelfari for its visual bookshelf and tagging system. I can stack storytime -> (whatever theme I need) and I can see all the books of that theme I used in storytime!

  2. I Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Must. Make. This is too fantastic. Don’t care if it doesn’t rhyme! They don’t all have to – thanks for sharing!

  4. […] craft? Check out my food and peas tags on shelfari! And if you missed it, I recently made a Princess and the Pea related flannel story […]

  5. […] was loads of fun! I saw another princess flannel board, and used that as inspiration to make this. We counted all the mattresses as we set them up, and […]

  6. […] very fun puppet story, inspired by a post at The Voices Inside My Headphones. The kids love the sleepless princess and the surprises she discovers in her […]

  7. Rene says:

    We’ve made a version of this for our storytelling program collection. To go along with a Fairy Tale theme, we end the rhyme with a book of fairy tales under the final mattress. The princess reads the stories before bed! Lots of fun. Thanks for sharing!

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