Fish Hats Craft (This Is Not My Hat)

I hadn’t planned to start posting new Flannel Friday stuff until later this month. But given that Jon Klassen won a Caldecott for This Is Not My Hat this week I figured I HAD to show you guys my new craft!

(Note: I don’t usually pay attention to picture book awards. I’m thrilled for Klassen but mostly I’m happy I bought my own copy of This Is Not My Hat before they slapped the giant gold award sticker on its beautifully minimalistic cover.)

For this craft I broke a few of my own rules. For one thing, lots of tiny parts to cut out. This is kind of a pain. If you guys think it would be easier if I added a thicker outline to the hats, let me know! I will do that. For you. Because I love you.

Otherwise it’s pretty basic. Color the fish. Color the hats. Glue the hats onto the fish. And with three hats to choose from the crab doesn’t have to be left out this time!

I made the seaweed myself. Can you tell?

click on photo for fish pdf

click on photo for hats pdf

click on photo for hats pdf

The pictures I pulled from old (presumably in the creative commons) books I dug through on Google Books. It was fun! And clearly inspired by Wondermark.

Would you like a side of books to go with your craft? Check out my fish or clothes tags on Shelfari! And if you guys have a book you love but isn’t on my list let me know and I’ll add it!


3 thoughts on “Fish Hats Craft (This Is Not My Hat)

  1. Lisa Mulvenna says:

    This turned out really cool!

  2. […] a plastic spoon and you are done. I had broken one of my craft rules (seems to be a trend lately) and hot glued on all the eyes myself, instead of having the kids use glue sticks (which […]

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