2013: January

For 2013 I’m going to try something new. I’ve always liked using my b…bleh….BLOGGING (never did like that word but I guess it’s the norm now) platforms as a way for archiving my past. To some degree it’s good to look back and remember where you were, as long as you don’t spend so much time remembering you forget to make new memories. Since I haven’t quite gotten back to old production levels, I’ll write a summary at the end of each month. I’m HOPING ones to come will have nice accompanying photos. This one will be a little plain.

January was very busy. Very. Busy.

  • Moved- left my bachelorhood of nearly two years to move back in with my parents.
  • Moved again- …and then within mere weeks had to move again, a couple blocks down the street to our new rental. On the upside, I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff and have the moving thing nailed down.
  • Began to figure out what I need to do for school- Due to me being stupid, I couldn’t sign up for a class this semester. Well due to me being stupid and some confusion. I guess there was something for me to sign in order for them to process my credits transfer, so I have no idea what classes I need yet. But I should have taken care of it long ago. In any case, progress was had.
  • Got storage- in a decidedly “grown up” move I got my own storage unit to keep stuff that won’t go into my two small rooms. It’s mostly kitchen supplies and a few boxes of books by now.
  • Got rid of storage- well, as it turns out, my parents got rid of enough that I could keep my stuff in THEIR storage, a few units down. And $80 a month is $80 a month…
  • Dejunkification (end?)- man I’m not even going to get INTO this one (that’s what he said). Anyone that has been following me for the past few years knows about my quest to get rid of stuff. I’m sure I’ll make a more detailed post soonish.
  • Simplification, refocus- the new part of my getting rid of “stuff” is getting rid of “stuff on my mind”. This will definitely have its own post soon.
  • Writing goals- I’m gonna start writing! Writing lots of things. Some things will be for this guy. More to follow.
  • Budget goals- the idea of moving back in with my parents is to kill off my debt. It’s not MUCH compared to some people, but I also don’t get paid much. In any case, everything I’m doing now is to be better prepared for whatever comes next.

Movies Seen
Les Miserables– This was a movie a lot of film folk had problems with. And I just can’t agree with them. Maybe the movie would have better tapped emotions with a greater variety of shots. It’s not that I disagree with the critiques so much as I don’t think they ruined the movie. And these same critics are the ones that rail against hollywood for never allowing big budget films to try anything new. Then again, I didn’t cry until the very end at the church. And I cried at the end of Bolt.
Django Unchained– This is a movie that I had a lot of problems with. This article covered a fair amount of them. While talking to my friend Caprice about it, we decided that it had tried to be a goofy spaghetti western AND an intense slavery film, and didn’t quite achieve either. My best examples are all spoilerific though, so if you want details ask me! There was A LOT that I did appreciate about this movie. Character development is fantastic and has unexpected twists. Tarantino continues to master his ability for multiple storylines that fit seamlessly into the overall plot. Most people recognize his movies for their over the top violence, but I stick around for their subtlety.
Not The Hobbit- I have not seen The Hobbit yet. I should probably do that soon, what with it being one of my favorite books of all time. Split into three movies. And probably filmed with the same dramatic epicness of Lord Of The Rings, even though that would not fit The Hobbit at all. Sigh. Maybe after Gangster Squad…

Books Read
Not Including Picture Books– this post would be way too long if I did.
Bitterblue– The third book to the Graceling series. It….it was so bad. So bad I even wrote a review on Amazon.
Days Of Blood And Starlight– I liked this one a lot! It didn’t keep me enthralled like Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and this made me sad because so few books I read these days suck me in. It was good, but I think how good will depend on what happens in the last of the trilogy. (What I really love about this book is it was a birthday gift from my twitter pal Mollie!)
To Timbuktu– Stole this over a year ago from our SRP prize cart (but to be fair it was mailed to our extant teen librarian as a promotion). Excellent book, inspiring (true) story. And also is written by the daughter of Jon Scieszka, a name I’m sure most of you recognize.
Wildwood (in progress)- You guys. This book. IS THE BEST. I found out about it last summer, spotted only because of it’s interesting cover and spine. (Book spines are important.) Also it’s written by Colin Meloy, lead singer of The Decemberists! …I hadn’t actually listened to much of their stuff, but I thought that was interesting.

XX: Coexist– Not much to say here except I liked it. XX is a very mellow sound that hits all my right chill buttons. Also this, their latest album, was picked up cheap on Amazon MP3 (and is still $5 as of this writing.)
The Decemberists: the Hazards of Love– oh look these guys again! Decided to pick up an album per recommendation of Twitter pal Emily after we started gushing over Wildwood. The writing skill is equally high in his music. Good stuff.

Plans For February

  • Starting slow until I find a groove- I’m starting to get anxious and impatient, which isn’t good when my plans won’t pan out until the long term. Trying really hard to just go with the flow.
  • Write- I don’t actually have much of a plan for this. I have a lot of ideas, and I will just churn them out. Also will continue work on this book that is taking way too long.
  • See what I need to do for school/student loans- ugh. Grown up stuff is awful.
  • Taxes. Uggggh.
  • Flannel Friday updates- I want to start making more consistent posts, and post more often.
  • Get out of the house- oh my gosh I need to get out of the house so bad. This ties in with simplification and refocusing mentioned above.
  • Surface Pro?- I reeaaaally want one of these, guys. I’ve become MUCH better at understanding you don’t need fancy toys to make good work, but I think this would be perfect for my writing, despite it’s flaws. I dunno. So pricey. Need to pay off my card. But it would get me out of the house. WE WILL SEE.
  • Find a doctor- how do people DO this? It’s an overwhelming facet of adulthood I’m ill equipped to handle.

In any case, I’m looking forward to things finally settling down after a very chaotic few months. 2013: I PREDICT IT WILL BE PRETTY OK.


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