Five Little Froggies

Found another forgotten 5 Little rhyme, this time while digging through my Google Drive documents. I guess my physical AND digital life is a little unorganized!

5 little froggies sleeping with a snore

one woke up and that left 4

 4 little froggies sipping on some tea

one burned his tongue and that left three

 3 little froggies reading the morning news

one got a paper cut and that left two

 2 little froggies behind schedule and on the run

one called a cab and that left one

 1 little froggy enjoying a quiet home.

he called in sick from work and that left none.

Also check out this frog craft I did a while back!

Also also if you need books, check out my frogs tag in Shelfari! Do you have any other frog books you love? Let me know and I’ll read them/add them to the list! Exclamation mark!

I think have have some more pre-Flannel Friday stuff  to post for a week or two more, and hopefully by then the new stuff will be finished.

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8 thoughts on “Five Little Froggies

  1. Cute rhyme! And I love the frog craft!

  2. Love your frog craft! I’ll bet the kids had fun with the tissue paper. :o) Oh, and very unique rhyme!

    I have at least one book to recommend. You have probably already read it but it is a must-have for any frog bog list, in my opinion. It is Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan.

    Btw, I am also disorganized in real life and on-line, too. Don’t feel alone.

    Thanks for sharing this week!
    ~ K ~

  3. Fun Rhyme! It’s nice to always have new five little rhymes ready to go. I also like London’s Froggy books (Froggy Gets Dressed is probably my favorite).

  4. Katie says:

    The frog pond craft is GREAT. I often use tissue paper since the kids love it so much. And I also think the Froggy books are a bit long. “Froggy Gets Dressed” as a flannelboard seems to work well…since I cut out some of the pages and wrap it up faster if the kids are getting restless.

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