Storytime Craft: Balloon Bell

Hey look: a video! 

This craft is simple, but NOT for younger kids, unless you are sure their parents will be keeping an eye on them.

Do you want a craft that will make your coworkers hate you and the kids love you? Then I’d recommend Balloon Bells! That’s right, Balloon Bells! And here they are in three easy to follow steps:

1) Have kids (without swallowing them) put two tiny bells inside of a balloon.

2) Blow up the balloon. Use a hand pump to make things go faster. (insert a “that’s what she said” joke at your own discretion.)

3) Tie off the balloon, and let them have at it!

And now you’re having fun with Balloon Bells! And everyone else in the building will hate you until all your storytime kids leave. And then their parents will continue to hate you for at least another day or two.

Other options are to give the kids markers to draw on them. I didn’t! I’m lazy.

Also there is a slight possibility that, if a kid starts spinning the bells inside and given the right amount of force, friction and velocity, the balloon will explode and the bells will become festive projectiles of doom. I’ve never seen it happen with bells, but I have gotten marbles to spin fast enough and…and that gets pretty interesting. But under normal balloon popping circumstances tests have shown little danger of fatalities.

Need some good books? Here’s a musically themed selection I’ve liked using in the past.

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8 thoughts on “Storytime Craft: Balloon Bell

  1. […] Balloons, bells and hand pumps? Must be another fabulous craft from The Voices Inside My Headphones. Really, this would be a super fun idea for the holidays. […]

  2. YES. I would totally attest to the fun nature of this. I’ve done it for a New Year’s Eve event. Makes great noisemaker (not too obnoxious). Love it!

  3. I just made festive projectiles of doom (on accident)! For our Halloween storytime, we had a glow-in-the-dark hunt and I put lots of glowsticks in balloons to light the room. When I took them home and let my 4-year-old play with them, they became volatile. He loved it!

  4. “That’s what she said” hahaha. Love The Office!

  5. Julie Holmes says:

    I had to make one immediately!! Love it – SO FUN!!

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