Storytime Craft: Foam Ball Spider

If I remember correctly, this is one of the first crafts I came up with when I started working at Libris#2. But that’s only if I remember correctly. My memory is a little hazy sometimes. Godzilla was the…4th U.S. president, right?

This all ages craft is pretty dang easy, and would be good for a storytime or part of any other program.  No need to punch holes before hand, the pipe cleaners can (should) be pushed in all on their own. Add markers and you’re done!

I got tired of coloring pages, paper plates and other normal kids crafts that have too many parts, are a pain to set up and get thrown away as soon as they get home. I wanted something fun that they could play with! This started the trend in making my own storytime crafts.

Here’s the original one I made. Shows that markers work much better if you get a foam ball with a smoother surface.

And feel free to check out my Shelfari’s spider tag, which has….exactly one book as of this writing. Hmm. Will need to do some research. Perhaps you have a good spider book you can recommend?

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