First of all, let me genuinely thank everyone on Twitter that has wished me a happy birthday, etc! I can’t respond to them individually as I will explain at the end.

It’s my birthday! Hooray.

I’m not particularly thrilled about this. Not because I’m now a doddering old man, out of touch with what’s popular with the kids, suffering numerous ailments, counting down the days until I can retire and die shortly after in poverty, alone but for my cats (I’m 27 now).

No, I’m lacking in enthusiasm because, at 27, I have accomplished absolutely nothing I feel I should have by now. My health sucks. I’ve yet to gain a single college degree. I’m going back to college now, sure, but it would have been nice to have finished it off the first time around.

I wouldn’t mind the college thing if I had a decent career. I don’t. I’m grateful to be working, and even more appreciative of the benefits of my two part time jobs (including actual real life health benefits) but I just absolutely hate my work. It’s not the kids, not the books, and certainly not the storytimes. It’s knowing that after investing all these years here I’ll come out with nothing but a few friends (all equally miserable as I) and work experience. And that’s the crux of the matter: time.

For the past couple years my main concern has been time- or a lifespan’s paucity of it. At first I was merely resentful that with my two part time jobs, spread out as they were, I had very little free time for myself. Now, I’m extremely agitated that time spent unhappily at work is time I could be using for things I’m actually excited and passionate about.  I would once be content to mark down dreams and goals as “someday”. I can’t bank on a someday anymore. I’m not where I want to be in life, no. But I want to get there fast. Like yesterday. When I was still young, foolish and 26.

And so I’m going on a Twitter hiatus. Not because it takes up much of my time. It is, however, a distraction. And I am easily distracted. (While writing this I’ve also been browsing three storytime blogs).  I’m taking a month to focus, really focus, on what needs to be done so I’m not spending 30% of my week in a simmering rage. I WILL likely be posting here during the month. I have some Flannel Friday posts (about 25) that need to be written among a couple other project ideas I’ve been meaning to get to. And maybe now would be a good time to figure out Google+? Admittedly I’ll probably be checking Twitter once in a while (and possibly replying via DMs) but no posting for a month.

Anyhoo, I’ll be back on Twitter October 1st. Hopefully I’ll have good things to share with you by then.


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday? WHAT’S SO BIRTHDAY ABOUT IT?!

  1. See you on the other side. And Happy Birthday anyway.

  2. Leona says:

    Happy Birthday, Seth! Hope the month off from twitter gives you what you are looking for. :)

  3. bob says:

    Happy Birthday.

    Can I guest tweet on your account for the month?

  4. Kendra says:

    Happy Birthday, anyway, you old grump. ;) You and Kev need to have another gripe session. You both keep saying the same things!
    Chin up and HUGS.

    • One of the most used topics on The Highest View will cover proper ways to shake a cane and the top reasons why those kids that won’t get off our lawn have it way easier than we did at their age.

  5. I totally missed this. I hope you had a great birthday and you get what you need out of your hiatus.

  6. I turned 30 on the 8th and completely empathize with the almost-involuntary life reflection and evaluation. I hope you find what you need!

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