Dejunkification 3: The final discard

This is an adventure that started back before even 2007. As seen here. Short version: while living at home I felt trapped by all the stuff I had, so I got rid of a lot of it. It took a few years but finally I came to a point where I said “Okay. This is good. For now.”

I’ve come past the “for now” point. My sister wants to find a job out of state, my parents are going to try to short sell their house and probably will follow her. Oh also my landlord wants to try to sell the house I’m in. I don’t know where I’m going in life, but I want to travel lightly.

SO. We’ve come to this. My stuff. I give you:


No, seriously. I’ve only left out maybe my bed, clothes, and a few minor things. But wait! It gets better! I present to you:


That’s right! Click through that link and you’ll be sent on a magical journey of my material possessions.

But there’s more! Here’s the fun part for you: TELL ME WHAT TO GET RID OF. Yup. Go through the list, look at the pictures, and suggest what I might do without. But there’s EVEN more! TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT. Aww yeah you have a chance of GETTING stuff out of this. It’s exciting for everyone.

So let’s review. I want to get rid of stuff. Tell me what to get rid of. Tell me what you want. It doesn’t mean I WILL get rid of it or I WILL give it to you, but it’s possible! And the more people that tell me to get rid of stuff, the more chance there is I’ll want to chuck it all. Nearly as satisfying as burning it all to the ground and less wasteful. LET US BEGIN.

For the first three, just click on the link and look at the pictures. I’m not crazy enough to list each movie and book.




For the last set, the one with all the stuff, each takes you to a photo link, or you can just click the header to browse.


-Minus Prints  -Chris Yates Dino  -Chris Yates Whale  -Spin Bike

-Shopping Cart and Magic Cheeseburger   -Board Games  -Stools

-Water cooler  -Wooden chest (and pillow)  -Small Green Lamp

-Bottle of dirt, ship, syrup bottle  -Nerf gun  -Cell phone

-Big chair, small chair, small t-rex and smaller t-rex

-leather chair and smoke painting

-black lamp, t-rex white board comic, record player

-art book, filled sketch books, knife, dynamite box, note

-too many cds, notebooks, records

-film reel, University of California Santa Barbara book box

-yoga mat, Wii Fit board  -guitar  -fan  -Posters  -cat

-couch and pillows  -purple pillow and stool

-TV and TV stand with stuff

-Movies and music stand  -giant city wall art  -Cowboy poster

-mirror, fedora, stupid fedora and umbrella

-trunk with blankets  -artwork  -Another minus print  -Guitar

-PC tower, Mac Pro, Matt’s Tower of Awesome

-big and small displays  -scanner  -vacuum

-wall of books and a backpack  -drafting table  -book shelf with stuff

-pool cues and golf clubs  -Art supply shelf  -Speaker

-Cracker box with tickets  -box with paint  -Mac Hall print

-Box of Felt  -DS Lite  -archery set, box of legos, box of stuff

-saxophone/empty saxophone case

-Autoharp of mysterious origins (Hollywood Attitude included)

-Chess board, Virtual Boy, Master Chief Helmet

-Fancy Audio Mixers  -Mad Hatter hat and another fan

-weapons   -Woot! Monkeys  -Woot Off Lights

-Atari joystick and Mario   -video game dudes

-other stuffed animal dudes  -Pool Table, Archery set and other stuff

-ironing board  -awesome laptop  -Boblin’s


3 thoughts on “Dejunkification 3: The final discard

  1. mom says:

    Uh seriously?! Check your facts boy! Not following your sister or anyone else. Busted@yourmomhaseyesinthebackofherheadsoknockitoffdork!

  2. […] the end of my years long dejunkification project  I developed a plan to fix my problem with plans: I’d get rid of them along with my stuff. The […]

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