Storytime craft: Dinosaur VS…

This one is very much like the pigeon craft I’ve done. In fact, it’s so simple there’s nothing for me to do but include the PDF that you can print out.

Dino VS Craft

Need some dino books? Yeah I got those. You don’t know what the craft is from?! Go buy Dinosaur vs Bedtime RIGHT NOW.

Edit: HOLY CRAP. I’m going to murder Nicole. I’m going to straight up murder her. I bet she didn’t even credit me. NOPE. She didn’t. Murder. Someone lend me a river I can toss her in. NOBODY steals my work that I stole from someone else (apologies to Mr. Shea) but NOBODY.

Edit Part 2: Okay I guess she linked me now in her post. Proof that violence solves everything, which is appropriate because that surely is the lesson all the Dinosaur VS books are meant to teach us.

Edit Part 3: Oh whoops. I originally forgot to include the PDF attachment! That. Nicole was nice enough to scan for me. Um. Thankyounicoleokaybye.

4 thoughts on “Storytime craft: Dinosaur VS…

  1. bob says:

    Oh yeah, well I’m gonna steal this craft idea for school visits. I’m gonna steal your idea that you stole from me. So we’re even. In stealing credits.

    • Oh YEAH? Well I’m going to steal your concept of “stealing credits” and apply it to something I’m working on. But then I’ll credit you so we’ll still be even. I think.

      Do you want me to add your name/web address to it before you take it to schools?

  2. er1cas says:

    Alright. I think you are the funniest children’s librarian blogging among an otherwise earnest group! Kudos!

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