#FlannelFriday Five Little Ducks Cleaning The House

So this a bit different than a normal 5 Little Whatever in that the ducks all go up there at once, and then instead of taking them off the board things happen to them.

I line them all up like so, and then flip and add parts as I go.

5 Little ducks are sweeping up the floor

One sneezed too much so then there were four. (note: this was the only duck that was double sided. After all it would be weird to have him sneeze with his eyes open.)

4 little ducks are mopping up with glee.

One slipped and fell so then there were three.

3 little ducks are painting the house blue

One fell in the paint so then there were two. (note: I used the die cut to make a blue duck and then trimmed it into paint drippings.)

2 little ducks are going through things and throwing out a ton (note: uh, practice saying this one a couple times. It works, but pacing is tricky)

One got taken out with the trash and then there was one.

1 little duck making sure the cleaning’s done.

He called it a night so then there were none. (Note: maybe I should have had this one flipped so his eyes were closed. OH WELL)

Need duck books? Check out my Ducks Tag. And hey while you’re at it check out the craft I’ve also made.

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2 thoughts on “#FlannelFriday Five Little Ducks Cleaning The House

  1. jane says:

    This is hysterical!

  2. You have the wildest imagination! I love all your ducks but I think Mr Sneezy is my favorite. Lol! Who can sneeze with their eyes open?!!? That would be freaky! :oP

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