#FlannelFriday Goldilocks and Her Life Of Crime

Here’s my version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After doing some research into the story’s origin, I discovered that my suspicions were correct: Goldilocks is a little hoodlum.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named… (draw it out, ask the kids who it is)

>Put up Goldilocks<
Goldilocks, right.

She was walking in the woods, came across a home
>put up home<

(Uh. I don’t have a picture of the home!  Well you’ll see the flip side of it later on but basically it looks like a house.)

and like any good girl would do- she broke in.

Now, who’s house do you think this was?
>kids answer, put up bears<

Yup it was the 3 Bears. But they show up later.
>put bears to side<

The first thing she came across was their breakfast table. And on it were three bowls of
>put up porridge<

Porridge, right. Anybody know what porridge is? (then of course you tell them)

So, like any good little girl would do, she dug in.

But the first bowl of porridge was too…
>flip over<
Hot. And the second was too…
Cold. But the third bowl of porridge was juuust
>Flip, empty<
Right! And she ate it all up.

After her too hot, too cold and just right breakfast she went into the living room and found three
>put chairs up<


And so as any good little girl in someone elses home would do, she jumped on their furniture.
The first chair was too
>don’t…really do anything. It doesn’t flip.<
Big. And the second chair was too
>Also nothing.<
But the third chair was juuuust right.

Until she broke it.
>Flip to broken<

After her big breakfast and exhausting exercise rocking in chairs, Goldilocks went upstairs and found 3 beds. So, like any good tired little girl, she decided to take a morning nap.
The first bed

 was too tall. >flip<

She tried the second bed 

and found it was a water bed.


And that just felt weird. So she tried the third bed and it was  just right.

So she fell fast asleep.

Now, do you remember who’s house this is?
>Bring back the three bears<

They came back home and were shocked to find that someone had picked the front door’s lock. Instead of recklessly rushing in they wisely waited outside and called the police.
>Bring out police<

They found Goldilocks fast asleep. They escorted her back home and explained what happened to Goldilocks’ mother. The Bears decided not to press charges as long as Goldilocks promised never to trespass on other people’s property ever again. And she didn’t.
>flip house to pigs<

…For a while.

So there ya have it. It’s not perfect, I wish I had a better idea for the first two chairs, for instance. Also, the original idea was to have the entire thing take place in an ENORMOUS felt house that would have three sides. But that was way too complicated. Maybe another day.

Also look how cute is sleeping Goldilocks?

You can hardly tell there’s a warrant out for her arrest in five states.

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4 thoughts on “#FlannelFriday Goldilocks and Her Life Of Crime

  1. I am trying to decide if I like the police car ending or the water bed best, but I cannot choose.

  2. Only in five states?!!??! Lol! Fun flannel, Seth. I’ll bet your parents enjoy your storytimes as much as their kids do.

    If you ever get that three-sided house built, I hope you share it with us. :o)

  3. My favorite part is the ending. I bet the kids love this one!

  4. […] You know. I could have SWORN I saw this “princess” before. I have suspicions she may actually be a fugitive. […]

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