It’s not my fault. It’s THE UNIVERSE.

You know in movies? Where there’s a vampire, or some similiarlly evil horror. And they’re trying to reach something. Or go through something. But it’s either got holy water, or it’s in sunlight, etc. And so they’re just pushing but they can’t quite get there because it burns. They have to do it but it’s making every ounce of their being writhe in agony.
Anyway I’m trying to take care of college stuff.
And it get’s better!
I was filling out the online form to apply, right? Wasn’t sure I remembered my student number, the one tied to me since y’know, grade school. I guess that’s changed! They use something else now. I don’t know what that would be.
And then when I went to complete the form the website just, stopped working. So I went back. And now it’s asking me to login to their servers when I try again.
Yaaaaay going back to college! Feeling so positive about this whole thing.

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