A new post about old stuff

First of all, is there anyone that follows me here that DOESN’T follow me on Twitter? Is that something people still DO these days? I ask because this started out as a “here’s some news for people that don’t follow me on Twitter” but then I thought to myself “but that’s nobody, Seth. Also you’ll never know what it is to be content.”


I posted some stuff to Flickr! It’s all stuff I had previously thought I would post to Flickr to great fanfare when I got my life back together. Meanwhile I haven’t used Flickr much in the past two years. So just gonna…quietly…start again. I used to be popular on Flickr y’know. Oh yeah I was doing pretty good for myself. But I guess you can’t be popular if you never DO anything. Tragedy of my life.

Now obey the octopus! Click on him to go straight to my Fake Album Covers or click the hyperlink previously mentioned to go straight to my Flickr.




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