Storytime Craft: Frog Pond

The idea for this craft came from a Twitter friend Lopie (who has a locked account if you’re already following her.)

Her craft had die cut frogs and lily pads glued to a pond that she had the kids paint with water color. This was an idea I had hoped I could try. But with our storytime setup the way it is, painting of any kind is tricky. Reluctantly I gave up on that and instead plotted with Nicole for another method. Something more exciting and less time consuming than coloring an entire sheet of cardstock blue.

The solution: have the kids tear up tissue paper and glue it on. I would suggest using blue or green cardstock so you don’t have to use as much tissue paper to get full color coverage.

Check out my Shelfari under the Frog Tag for book suggestions. (as of this posting, I’m still cleaning up tags so not all the book’s I’ve read may show up yet!) I’ll say right now you can never go wrong with any iteration of Wide-Mouthed Frog! The pop-up is a personal favorite and one of the first books I’ve used in a storytime.


One thought on “Storytime Craft: Frog Pond

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