Nowhere to go but up

So the last post, which I just posted, might make it seem I’ve got everything in control. But not really, that’s not the point. The point is I recognize bad days but no longer allow them to set the tone of my life. Take last night, for instance.

My sister said she was going out with some friends. Sounded like it might be kind of fun. Part of my new point of view is doing things. This means I’m not going to immediately disregard social opportunities. But on the other hand, I could stay at home and relax for once. Get things done. Read a book. I went with that.

The night started out with a frozen potpie. I know! Not that healthy! But I justified it by wanting to eat a potpie. I read a book while it cooked in the oven. An hour later, it was done! I think. No, that didn’t look quite right. So I put it back in the oven for a few more minutes. Then a lot more minutes. Then I actually tried it and realized that it was one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten. Note: do not eat Boston Market frozen potpies. They taste like rat pee.

I was then presented with more options. The wise option would be to cook a healthy meal at home. But I had already waited an hour and was freaking hungry. I could grab something from Sonic, but that would require putting pants back on. And I didn’t need to spend money on unhealthy food.  Would I give in to my lazy urges and get a mediocre burger and milkshake, or stay at home and cook a much healthier if less exciting grilled salmon burger with just a touch of honey. I relented. I closed the front door and, my taste buds defeated, opened the freezer.

And found, stuffed in the back under bags of vegetables and meatless burger patties, a bag of bbq flavored chicken bites.

So my night was spent, not reading or painting while listening to classical music. Nor was it hanging out with my friends at an organic restaurant followed by a live folk band. It wasn’t even spent sipping down a Sonic shake chowing down on tater tots while I worked on a chapter revision. It was spent watching season one of 30 Rock on Netflix while eating Tyson: Any’tizers® with chopsticks.

I could have made better decisions is what I’m trying to say.


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