#FlannelFriday Five Little Spaceships

So I says to the kids, “What is this?”

And they tell me “A hat!”. Well, I saw that coming so I just flip it around and ask “Ok but what is this?”

And in return I got a bunch of  “ohhhhhhh”s.

This entire thing was a last minute creation made the night before a storytime when I had no flannel board planned.

5 Little Spaceships exploring Earth on a tour.

     One forgot it’s passport so that left four.

4 Little Spaceships diving in the sea.

   One sprung a leak and then there were three.

3 Little Spaceships visiting the zoo.

   One got eaten by a hippo so then there were two.

2 Little Spaceships eating burgers in a bun.

   One forgot his wallet so that left one.

One Little Spaceship ready to go home.

   He shot off into space and then there were none.

I think my favorite is the image of a tiny spaceship getting eaten by a hippo. But the idea of tiny spaceships eating burgers reminds me of Batteries Not Included so that makes me happy too.

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2 thoughts on “#FlannelFriday Five Little Spaceships

  1. clevinso says:

    Starting with the spaceship turned around is an awesome idea. it’s always good to start a storytime by blowing their minds. one day, i’ll buckle down and teach myself some really good magic tricks (or even some o.k. magic tricks.

  2. […] Since I always stick with a single phrase, I have to ping a fellow #FFer: Sether’s 5 Little Aliens is an excellent example of this […]

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