Storytime Craft: Zebra

ZEBRAS! They’e like smaller horses that have recently escaped an olde timey jail. What’s not to love?

This craft is crazy easy and also a STROKE OF BRILLIANCE, I SAY. Although a small part of me wonders if I got the idea somewhere on the internet and then forgot? But it’s such a very small part of me and the rest of my brain usually bullies it into shutting up and knowing its place. And stealing its lunch money.

For this find a naked zebra on the internet. Or make your own (which normally I would have done but I was pressed for time). Cut out approximately one million black paper strips. They don’t have to be the same size or even even, for the most part. Hand out 2-3 strips for each zebra and let the kids tear them up to size and glue them on. It’s that simple! Also it looks like Nik at some point gave the kids crayons and had them draw a background too.

That is either a small tree or a huge zebra.

Edit: Nicole tells me that Sarah made it! In that case it is a beautiful tiny tree bush.


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