#FlannelFriday 5 Little Piggies

Another “Five Little” where I THINK I had a different rhyme, but it has been lost. So let’s make one up right now!



  Five Little Piggies sailing to the shore
        One fell overboard and that left four
    Four Little Piggies swimming in the sea
        One got a cramp and that left three
    Three Little Piggies searching for something new
        One found some treasure and that left two
    Two Little Piggies hiking in the sun
        One got too tired and that left one
    One Little Piggy had enough fun
        He sailed back home and that left none.

Apparently these are pirate pigs. I should give them costumes to match!

Also: one of these days I won’t be able to resist rhyming “three” with “pee”.

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5 thoughts on “#FlannelFriday 5 Little Piggies

  1. […] Seth from The Voices Inside My Head Five Little piggies […]

  2. Anna says:

    Ooh, cute. You could change one to have a piggie eye-patch pretty easily. Also, why would you resist? Rhyming pee and three will be a great hit–I guarantee.

  3. These piggies are have EXTREME appeal. I think they need a pirate boat to float on until they disappear. Thanks for being part of Flannel Friday, especially after I razzed you so much about participating. :)

  4. molliekay says:

    Those are ridiculously cute pigs. I think I need to seriously consider revamping my current piggie flannel board.

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