#FlannelFriday Animal Counting

I’ve used this once in a storytime. I remember it went very well. But that’s all I remember.

Seriously. What is going on here? I have no idea.

The best I can recall is Nicole suggested I base it off of some book which I also don’t remember. There were zoo animals on a train? With counting? Anyway I didn’t like the book so I did this  instead.

The way this works, maybe, is a more elaborate version of my Not Norman flannel board.  

I have all the animals hidden, take off a circle, ask the kids what animal it is, what color it is, and then…somehow I tie in the number. The colors match the animal so order is important. May be important. Since I’m not really sure how it was SUPPOSED to work there’s some flexibility.

 I’ll probably make more (better defined) flannel boards based off of this concept. As I said before, the kids love anything that is similar to Little Mouse.

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6 thoughts on “#FlannelFriday Animal Counting

  1. I love the animals peeking out from behind the circles! You have totally intrigued me and I am going to be pondering all day how to add the numbers in. :)

  2. I cannot stop laughing at this post. I mean, with this post.

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  4. nikarella says:

    I told you it’s from 1 2 3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle! The mystery is solved!

  5. Kendra says:

    You’re so funny. Got me in trouble for laughing on the desk.

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