#Flannel Friday Not Norman

I’ve been using Not Norman: A Goldfish Story for a while now. Maybe too long? It’s a great book but it’s getting a little stale to read. Even if I take a break from him you can still have fun with the accompanying flannel board game. Uh, that’s “flannel board”/”game”, I should say. Although I think a board game made out of flannel would be interesting. You could roll it up like a blanket when you’re done, or even in the middle of it! The game pieces could be anything on hand and the cards would have a special pocket-


It’s a super simple set up. Random animals all behind fish bowls. I put Norman at the end and then go through from the top, asking “Is THIS Norman? No? What is it? What color is it?” and any kind of variation of that.

You could say this is a Little Mouse rehash but SO WHAT Little Mouse is the best part of any storytime.

Hmm I should hide Little Mouse behind a fish bowl sometime.

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5 thoughts on “#Flannel Friday Not Norman

  1. Kendra says:

    If you hid Little Mouse the kids would scream with excitement when you uncovered him. So wear ear plugs. Just helpin’ a friend out.

    Love this because I’m using Not Norman in a couple of weeks and needed something fun to go with! You read my mind!

  2. I’ve never even heard of this one!

  3. […] Not Norman (I’m not going to read the book cause it runs a bit long, but I figured the flannel would still be fun) […]

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