Opinions on Opinions

Note: I admit to often being guilty of the following. But after having a really, really crappy past few years I’ve learned a lot about what’s important in life and that the only place for black and white is old movies.

I have some opinions about opinions!

Sometimes I’ll come across something on the internet I disagree with. That’s fine! I’m ok with that. But sometimes I’ll come across something on the internet that I really disagree with. I’m ok with that too! BUT THEN sometimes I’ll come across something on the internet I really disagree with and was posted by someone I know. In which case I will still keep my mouth shut.

While I don’t feel the need to correct people or argue, I’ll offer some advice about opinions: it’s entirely possible you are wrong. Don’t forget that. The more you dig in, the stronger your assertions, the more wrong you could possibly be. And there is a difference between personal opinions and general assumptions. You could say you personally feel a way about something, and you have a right to feel that way. But when you say “This is how it is” without leaving room for “But maybe not in every case/I could be wrong” you’re drawing a line in the dirt, maybe without even knowing it.

Today it’s so easy to share information, which is great, but it’s also easy to forget that having a big audience does not an expert make. Even this entire post could be absolutely wrong. I learned the hard way that it’s far better to be learn and understand than it is to judge and criticize.


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