Probably not a flannel friday Post

For those of you not in the know, Flannel Friday is this great thing that has taken off amongst Twitter childrens librarians. People keep yelling at me to participate, which I plan to! Just not today. Too lazy.

Speaking of nothing to do with being lazy- I’ve been having trouble staying motivated in my job. I mentioned that earlier but I will now go into great detail, describing all of my feelings, angst and broken dreams at great length.

Not really! That is probably the post I’d have made back in the days when Vox was still alive. (oh, whiny youth) For now it’s enough to say that things have not been going well for a long time.

I’ve been reconsidering my future plans. After I got my undergrad I always assumed, since childhood, that I would get a master’s in Library Science. I’m not sure I even want to attempt that. But it’s not just because the job sucks now! I’ve been giving some thought of taking my art/design and writing seriously as a future career. To really give it justice I’d need to devote my full attention on that.

Art has always been my pipe dream career. I hoped I could at least do it on the side while working full time at a library. A library would be a safe, comfortable day job. Well no longer! In these exciting times all our heads are in line for the chopping block. Libraries across the country have been suffering and failing and ours hasn’t been an exception to that. There’s also been some…strife? Among people? Coworkers are leaving like rats on a sinking ship. Unfortunately it seems like it’s only the rats that are staying.

The final liberating machete chop to The Jungle Rope Bridge of A Safer Path which will send me flying hopelessly towards The Cliff Face of Bold Opportunities has been the dismal turn out for my storytimes. Getting to read books to kids is PROBABLY the best job in the world. Who would leave a job like that? I would, now that so few people have been coming. Lately the harder I try to improve my work ethic the less reason I have to stay motivated. As long as nobody is coming to my storytimes I have no reason to feel sad about leaving the librarian fast track. It makes things easier.

And then yesterday’s storytime happened:



One thought on “Probably not a flannel friday Post

  1. Anne says:

    It’s the angry red ink of the 43 that really sells it. I have also been feeling a little burnt-out (or is it more…) with the field lately. It is just depressing to been in such a down industry. Seems like bad news is everywhere and getting worse all the time. There are still lots of things I like about the field but if I didn’t already have a MLS not sure I would go for one now…

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