Moving On

Remember this post? Well guess what. Clockwork Orange is a HORRIBLE movie. I want to go back in time, find Jr. High Seth, and beat him with a baseball bat for making me watch this movie.

In any case I’ve moved out now.
It’s true! I’ve been on my own for…a few months? I dunno. But yes I’ve left the nest….went around the corner and am now living behind and to the left my parent’s house! I would give you an address but…I don’t have one. It’s classified as an mother-in-law quarters. It was built back in the day and not QUITE entirely up to code. Everything about it is fine except that I don’t get my own water line. No water line, no address. (Nicole pointed out this sounds like I have no water. This is not true. The main house just gets the bill. :P ) Aside from that it’s been great. I’m horribly poor now but I can listen to music at all hours of the day and pants are optional!

Moving on.

My job(s) absolutely suck! I’m using an exclamation point to lighten the mood, but the fact is the same. Library #1 is sinking fast and Library #2 didn’t quite pan out to what I hoped for. I keep cycling through complete dismay, grim determination, optimistic hope, and then back to complete dismay. I’m working too many hours a week on something(s) that are clearly no longer my future. This is a problem.

Moving on.

I registered to take classes again! But only because Caprice and everyone else kept yelling at me. And yet I still have yet to but really really need to talk to an advisor and sign up for classes. I just don’t know how to explain my reluctance oh wait of course I do! I’m all about crazy metaphors. It’s my thing. Right then, so you know about fire right? Hot stuff? Gives warmth? Cooks food? Burns like a motherf*r if you touch it? Yeah you’ve probably learned that last bit as a kid. Hard to make that same mistake twice! It’s part of our survival instinct. Burn yourself bad enough, you don’t want to get near fire, no sir. So maybe it’s understandable that after spending four years in higher education only to have the school straight up murder the degree I worked so hard on, the thought of going back to school is a teensy bit stressful. Still, UNLV already put me in the art program so that’s neat.

Moving on.

I haven’t really…taken any photos lately. Yeah.

Moving on.

I’ve actually made some good progress in my personal life, as of late. The Wii Fit board still pleasantly announces me as obese but since moving out my diet has improved A LOT. I would lose weight even faster if I worked out regularly, this I know. But excercise machines…I hate them so. Even the novelty of listening to music has worn off. If anyone has suggestions that would be super. Now that I have my own house I also have my own art room. Until recently it was a “store all of my crap” room. The crap is gone now (mostly) so soon I hope to start making awesome things.  As far as friends go I’ve made new ones! Built stronger relationships with the ones I have! Fun times for all. As far as lady types go well… that’s….y’know…

Moving on.


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