Gibson Morning Meeting Minutes- Noir Style

The library was pretty empty this morning, and nobody was around to do the meeting minutes soooo….

It was a cold, wet miserable morning when I finally dragged myself out of bed. It didn’t look too pretty outside either. I couldn’t remember exactly what happened the night before but my neck felt like I tried to use a boa constrictor as a neck tie and I had a headache the size of a Buick. Whatever had happened, it hadn’t gone well.

 The office was as empty as Dracula’s coffin when I came in. When the rest of my associates stumbled in I could tell it was going to be one of those mornings. I wasn’t going to waste time with good mornings or water cooler “hellos”, we needed to review the facts. Just the facts.

 Reference- Marsha was the only one here at the time, and it sounded like she’d be later joined by Tiffany for a full day’s work. Tiffany was somewhere putting our groggy heads to shame by running in the wet streets of Henderson. She’d need coffee later, no doubt, but all I had was a small cup of tea.

 Circulation- Betty said she’d be in all day, and a miserable looking Courtney said she’d be leaving at 3. She has a sound check later on and was up rehearsing until the early hours this morning. Music only gets glamorous after you sell out, I guess. I had also been told by a little bird that Maggie would be coming in later at 11:15.

 As for the shelvers, well, Shannon was here as chipper as she ever is, and I can only assume we’ll have others coming in later to do our dirty work.

 Youth Services- I guess that would be me, wouldn’t it? My lonely morning looks to turn into a lonely afternoon as my partner Nicole was off running the streets (5k) and Sarah had contacts to meet in Chicago. Looks like I won’t be entirely on my own as boss Marcie is coming in later to help with the case load. From what I can tell the only special event we have going on is some poor saps that are getting Math Proficiency Tutoring at 1PM. Do well kids, and maybe you won’t end up like me.

 And that’s all there is to say because that’s all there is I know. Nothing left now but to sit back, pretend this now cold tea is going to brighten my day, and wait for the next tall dame to walk through my door with problems only I charge low enough to fix.  



3 thoughts on “Gibson Morning Meeting Minutes- Noir Style

  1. Joan says:

    I mean, these Minutes Noir are a thing of beauty. Or despair. Whichever way you want to go.

    I need a scotch.

  2. You have shades in your office! I’m jealous! Our office is a fish bowl.

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