Changing the rules to my own game.

The first two 365s challenged my will to use a camera every day. That was important to develop the habit of taking photos constantly and learn how my camera worked. But it was always exceedingly distressing if I were to miss a day, and by the end having to take a picture every day was bordering on tedious.

And so, after forgetting my camera AND my cactus at work over a holiday weekend, I decided to do things differently. Instead of taking a picture every day, I’m going to do something even more difficult: I’m going to update my photos ON A SCHEDULE.

Ideally this would be perfect for a post-every-day kind of deal. I’m just not sure I could maintain that. I will try at first but knowing me it will probably switch to a three days a week kind of deal.

This will be a completely different sort of habit training. Before I could take photos every day easy enough, and then have to spend hours uploading a month or even more at once to Flickr. Because of this I didn’t spend as much time properly tagging or writing descriptions for each photo which makes bigger messes to clean later on.

In any case, this won’t be much of a change for you, the avid reader. You’ll get the same Cactus pictures every day (or thrice weekly) but on my end I’ll be trying to build a stock of photos to post as needed. Worst case scenario this will force me to stop procrastinating when it comes to posts. Best case will be if I use this to plan ahead and make better quality photos instead of going of of spur of the moment ideas.


2 thoughts on “Changing the rules to my own game.

  1. Therese says:

    I don’t understand

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