In which my tradition of failure continues. Or: That was quick.

So! I went to look at apartments today. Apartment I should say. Just the one. With what I’ve learned online this particular complex was the only one within my price range that wasn’t universally hated on the internet. In fact people on the internet loved it! And I love it too. It was all very perfect. Except not expecting them to have an income requirement or that it would be quite out of my reach.

Even though I had put a lot of hope into this, like in a  “Um hey honey funny story but the kids don’t have a college fund anymore” kind of ante, I can’t let it get me down. No indeed I am not the sort to let a thing like this ruin my groove. Not when I’m on a roll! So instead of being paralyzed by yet another plan going completely awry, I thought of NEW plans!

-Sell drugs to grade schoolers.

-Dig a basement in my parent’s house to prepare for when I’m the creepy middle aged man living in my parent’s basement.

-Become an ice road trucker.

-Find a sane roommate on the internet.

-Become a hobo.

-Assume that at least one of my two part time jobs will amount to something.

-Become a bounty hunter.

-Marry for money.

Ok so maybe  I just stared at a wall for most of the afternoon.

Back to square one.


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