The Return of the 365

Photojojo has a fun feature where you can sign up to recieve twice a month Photo Time Capsules. They take a random selection of photos from the year prior and email them to you. It’s worked very well for me since, for about three years, I took a photo every single day. This was due to my 365 project, an idea taken from other Flickr uses and adapted as a motivational tool to keep me taking pictures.

The projects themselves turned into a sort of visual diary. I could go back in the timeline and not only see what was going on, but have the attached memories resurface. It’s interesting to recall fun days and  past traditions, sad days and occasionally be sober examples of how plans aren’t always fulfilled.

Unfortunately the rather bad year happened and I slowly lost the motivation to continue taking pictures. Oddly enough my third, uncompleted 365 halted long after the worst of things. Even at my lowest I still managed to snap at least on shot per miserable day. And so I’m not entirely sure what caused me to stop taking pictures. I now have few pictures to remember 2010.

BUT that will change today, for if not today then never. Except by “today” I mean about three days ago. My 365 is back up and running with the help of a Lucky Cactus leftover from my Xmas gift giving (a post on that to follow soon).

364 photos to follow!

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