Why the reference department owes Mike a new cup

So I was in the recently festively festooned  break room today, innocently searching for a platter. When all of a sudden OH CRAP WHAT JUST HAPPENED.

It was terrible. Some garland must have been carelessly draped over a cupboard door and that started the chain reaction. And yes it wasn’t one instant of chaos, but a slow chain reaction with each oversized plastic bulb crashing in turn, until the finale. The finale of murder.

Mike’s cup was broken you see. But Therese (from reference and whom I was about to link to before discovering her Twitter isn’t public so moving on) said she has one at home that has more character than his old mug anyway. So happy ending! But next time The Reference Department, please tape down your abnormally large Christmas lights. Or the next cup that breaks could be your own.

Yeah that wasn’t as exciting a post as it sounded in my head. But…I mean it’s all written out…and it’s so easy to hit that “publish” button…so…


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4 thoughts on “Why the reference department owes Mike a new cup

  1. Therese says:

    The new Mike Mug is sooooo much better. You will have to post a photo of it. Also, Reference is just trying to create a festive, cheery work environment. You shouldn’t be opening and slamming cupboard doors anyway.

  2. Eliza says:

    Seriously, he must have slammed. Cause I went through and banged on everything and nothing fell.

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